RGB Backlight 


Bivert Touch Controller

Your RGB/Bivert kit includes:

-RGB/Bivert Controller

-Touch Sensor

-22 ohm resistor

The RGB/Bivert Controller can control either an RGB Backlight or 4 RGB LEDs as well as inver/bivert the LCD. It is controlled via the Touch Sensor, which is mounted inside your console's shell, tapping the touch sensor will change the Backlight/LED's color (nine color cycle). Holding the Touch Sensor for two seconds will invert or bivert the LCD screen. The Controller will remember the state off the screen as well as the Backlight/LED's color even after the device is powered off, so when you power it back on it will be in the same state(s) it was left on.

You can place the RGB/Bivert Controller any where it fits, either on the Motherboard or the LCD Board, however wherever you place it make sure to insulate the bottom of the RGB/Bivert Controller so it doesn't short anything out, I use Kapton tape, however you can use electrical tape if need be. I place kapton tape on the bottom of the RGB/Bivert Controller as well as a piece of Kapton tape on the Motherboard/LCD Board where you wish to place the controller, and then put a dab of hot glue in between. This way the controller is electrically insulated, held in place, however down the road clean up is as simple as lifting the kapton tape - no hot glue mess. The touch sensor can be mounted on the top right corner of the inside of the shell, it is sensitive enough to work through the shell, meaning no ugly exterior switches & no drilling/dremeling your shell! You'll need to lift Pin 6 and Pin 7 on the ribbon cable connecter on the Motherboard, you will solder to these lifted pins, and when you do I suggest that you insulated the joint and entire Pins with heatshrink. If you are using this controller with four RGB LEDs they should be wired all in parallel, if you wish to control more than four LEDs you'll need to use transistors and can message me for more details. If you notice the backlight flickering when Blue & Blue Green colors are displayed place the extra 22 ohm resistor on the green or blue ground, which ever color seems most affected.

Wire up as follows:

Motherboard    RGB/Bivert Controller

Pin 6A ----------------------------------A0

Pin 6-------------------------------------B0

Pin 7A------------------------------------A1

Pin 7---------------------------------------B1

5v-------------------------------VIN (VCC)


RGB Backlight/LEDs  RGB/Bivert Controller

+ --------------------------------------- +(A)




Touch Sensor        RGB/Bivert Controller




RGB Bivert Install pic.jpg